Saturday, January 19, 2008

Out to Lunch

I am going on blogging hiatus for a while.

In the meantime, check out, and for reliable information on the 2008 election scams.

Voter's rights are in jeopardy once again across America.
-South Carolina

No matter where it is, the same cast of characters is always being slighted.

Ron Paul, Dennis Kucinich and Mike Gravel get kicked out of debates because TV is allergic to the truth.

You can now add Barack Obama to the list of the slighted. He is the "mainstream candidate" most for change, and the theft of his NH delegates shows that even his measured, miniscule brand of change is not something the establishment is willing to accept.

They will cheat and lie and steal and go to any cost to win.

Pay attention America. Stay vigilent.

Andrew Meyer, over and out.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Possible Fraud in Iowa, New Hampshire Primaries

UPDATE: Ron Paul finished with 15% of the NH Hand Count, which would have put him in 3rd place.

From Bev Harris of, the star of "Hacking Democracy" and an expert on voting fraud:

"1-4-08: Eh? Iowa Republicans STILL missing 65 precincts in results
It isn't even a skillful magic show.

The Republican caucuses usually take only half as long as the Democratic caucuses, due to simpler procedures. Yet the Republicans are lagging behind the Democrats now by over TEN HOURS in having all their results in. Results delays are a red flag.

Alert CSPAN watchers caught TV screen shots of Giuliani vote totals going down by a couple thousand votes midstream in, I believe it was, Linn County. That needs a confirm; screen shot images were posted on various blogs, but if anyone recorded the coverage and can corroborate those screen shots, please let us know.

As many of us know, vote totals that go DOWN during the middle of the count can be an error, but also can signal an election theft tactic whereby votes from a candidate finishing very low in the pack are skimmed off and given to a favored candidate higher in the pack. If corroborated, the vote total shift will be another red flag.

And with the Republican race, I wouldn't look first at fraud in the number one position. I'd look for it in the area of repositioning candidates in the second through sixth spot.

- The delay in results is a red flag.
- The vote totals going down during the count is a red flag.
- The failure to release county results in live time, as promised in a Republican Party press release on Jan. 2, is a red flag.
- The failure to release precinct totals at all is a corrupt procedure. Note that the day before the caucuses, after much pressure, the Republicans did (belatedly) promise to release the precinct results on election night. They didn't.

In addition: I'm trying to get information on whether the public was kicked out of the room during hand counting in all locations, or just some.

I will be publishing some reports by caucus attendees in the "Front Lines" section later today.

There is absolutely no reason to consider any of the Republican caucus results to be credible.

I'm not saying they are wrong, I am saying the breakdown in checks and balances was stunning enough to call it not a magic show, but a bad magic show.

Bev Harris"

The screen shots of the altered Giuliani vote counts can be found here.

Meanwhile, it is possible that Hillary Clinton received a boost from the Diebold voting machines.

An explanation of how Diebold machines can be easily rigged found here.

Also, Ron Paul votes weren't counted due to "human error" in at least one county in New Hampshire.

And finally, get ready for some serious shenanigans in the upcoming South Carolina primary. They are using machines de-certified by numerous other states. is no longer the best news source for truthful and up-to-date information on the democratic process. and are now providing my information.

I only wish some of this information was printed in the NY Times.

Good luck, America, and God Bless.

(Oh, and for the record, Hillary didn't really "win" New Hampshire. Despite what the media has reported, she and Obama get the exact same number of delegates anyway.)